- a fantasy based roguelike game in Java


Quick start for players

Just say

D:\> run.bat
$ run.sh
in Kalyp directory.

The keybindings are very Nethack-like. You can use cursor keys or 'hjkl', 'nbyu' for moving. Quitting the game is done under extended commands ('#quit'). You can get a list of keybindings with '?'.


For more information, visit for example The Roguelike Games Home page at http://www.win.tue.nl/~kroisos/roguelike.html. Kalyp is inspired by several known roguelikes including ADOM, Angband, Omega and most of all Nethack.

Y.A.R.N.S. is a very good and active Roguelike news service, which gives you information about both the major Roguelike games and development news on a daily basis. Check it out at http://yarns.felis7.civ.pl/. Kalyp releases are also announced on Y.A.R.N.S.

For roguelike development information, see http://www.roguelikedevelopment.org/ and USENET newsgroups rec.games.roguelike.development and other r.g.r groups.


Kalyp is licensed under Open Software License version 1.1.

Kalyp uses some third party Open Source libraries for various tasks:


BeanShell is an embeddable Java source interpreter with scripting language features. It is used as the scripting engine for Kalyp.

Java Curses Library (JCurses)

The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a Java library, that makes it possible to write text terminal based application using Java programming language. Kalyp uses it for the user interface.


The definite Java unit testing framework.